Best German Book Design
Award 2007


TDC New York
Award for Typographic Excellence
TDC54, 2008


Tokyo TDC
Book Design Prize 2008


Joseph Binder Design Award
Gold award in editoral design


Nomination for
the German Design Award

Categories book design and typography

Borries Schwesinger holds a degree in communication design. He loves to do distinctive and sophisticated corporate, book and information design.


He advises companies on their design and communication strategies and offers workshops and trainings. In 2010 he joined Zurich based branding agency NOSE.




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2–3 April 2009
Information Design Confererence 2009
Greenwich, London

Borries Schwesinger speaks about governmental forms and e-government across Europe.


13 November 2008
MfG-Award 2008
Museum for Communication
Frankfurt am Main

Borries Schwesinger talks at the award ceremony.


6 April 2008
TDC Day + 08 TDC Exhibition

Borries speaks about »Designing forms.« at the TDC Day. Between 4 April 4 and 26 Aprilbook is presented in the ginza graphic gallery, Tokyo.

Filling in a form may be an everyday experience, yet as an aspect of design that affects all our lives, forms are often overlooked. Order forms, invoices, applications and questionnaires are all standardized ways of requesting or presenting information, designed to focus on the essentials and so make life faster and simpler. But if a form is too complicated, confusing or obscure, it can become a barrier to clear communication, wasting time and money and potentially harming the publics perception of a business or brand. Successful forms do exist efficient, streamlined and even stylish but they are a real challenge to create. This unique and invaluable sourcebook shows what good form design can achieve. Packed with practical advice and inspiring ideas, it brings together a comprehensive collection of great designs for both print and digital media, showcasing a range of thoughtful, elegant or witty approaches to form creation and proving that attention to even the smallest design elements can make a big difference to the way that people and organizations interact.

›One of the designer’s roles is to turn disorder into order, particularly when it comes to everyday documents like forms for banks, insurance companies, utilities, the census and so much
more. When they are logically, rationally and, yes, handsomely designed, it could mean the difference between minutes and hours of labor. This is why THE FORM BOOK: Creating Forms for Printed and Online Use (Thames & Hudson, $65), by Borries
Schwesinger, is so necessary. Not only is this an invaluable
handbook for designers, it should open the eyes of anyone
who produces form‹ Steven Heller, New York Times Sunday Book Review, August 20, 2010.


›Overall, a fundamental book for everyone who wants to make life easier. And a book that is real fun to read because it is written in an entertaining way and – quite untypically for anything connected with forms – is also spiced with humor.‹ Jochen Rädeker, form, edition 217, 2007; Read the complete review here.


›Far from boring, this insightful book … will earn itself more than a few checks in the »recommendable book« column.‹

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